Swan Hills Synfuels is an innovative energy consulting firm, offering energy project development services in two focus areas:

Western Canada Energy Project Development

Swan Hills Synfuels provides project development services in Western Canada.  Swan Hills Synfuels has extensive expertise and experience in the development, planning, and operation of energy projects in Western Canada, including obtaining regulatory approvals, securing commercial contracts, and managing the execution of project development activities requiring local Western Canada expertise.

In-Situ (Underground) Coal Gasification

Having designed, developed, and operated an in-situ (underground) coal gasification (ISCG, or UCG) demonstration facility in Canada on a coal seam at 1400 m depth, Swan Hills Synfuels has world-leading ISCG/UCG development expertise and operating experience.  Swan Hills Synfuels is able to share this globally unique ISCG/UCG expertise on a consulting basis with companies around the world who are looking to develop ISCG/UCG projects.