Demonstration Project

The Swan Hills ISCG (UCG) Demonstration Project (Demo Project) successfully commenced operations in June 2009, and demonstrated the operation of a full commercial-scale deep ISCG/UCG well pair. The Demo Project tested a range of design, materials, equipment, and operating practices, to arrive at a standardized deep ISCG/UCG well pair design that is ready for replication in deep ISCG/UCG projects globally.

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Technical Achievements

  • First-of-its-kind project in North America
  • Integration of modern directional drilling, coiled tubing, and process control to successfully demonstrate ISCG/UCG process effectiveness in deep coals
  • Clean burning, excellent quality synthetic gas successfully produced, showing the benefits of deep (high pressure) ISCG/UCG operation
  • Successful development and demonstration of ISCG/UCG process control and operating procedures
  • Injection of saline water (oilfield produced salt water) to supply the ISCG/UCG process – this successfully demonstrated the ability of the deep ISCG/UCG process to use non-fresh water, a significant environmental advantage